How to get aesthetic video ads for dropshipping!

Nothing beats aesthetic dropshipping ads that are unique to your store! If you have just started dropshipping you’d notice that most dropshippers get product picture and video ads from Aliexpress, steal images from their competitors website and promote it as their own ads creatives. 

Well, why this method can be cost free and effective for testing dropshipping products but it really isn’t a good way to scale your store.

Most dropshipping video ads and product pictures are repetitive on the Aliexpress platform itself and I often see the same kind of products pictures and ads on Facebook, promoted by different dropshippers for different prices!

It just doesn’t convert well! It doesn’t help brand differentiation either. That’s why I’m going to be sharing with you how you can get aesthetic dropshiping ads that’s unique to your store and brand! Let’s dive into the details;

Use 3D model rendered ads for dropshipping products;

3D model + rendered ads is a good way to go! This kind of ads is mainly motion graphics that would really showcase your product.

You can easily find creators on fiverr who can create these ads for you! You don’t need to send them a sample of your product. 

If you’d like to see what this ads are like, then you can watch some 3D video ads samples on fiverr gigs.

3D rendered videos ads are clean, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, engaging and professionally looking. 

However 3D rendered video ads can be a bit expensive and cost anywhere between $50-$300 depending on the creator.

And if you’re going to invest in your unique ad creatives, you should watermark your creatives, to discourage unauthorized users from copying it.

Order a sample product and do a product shoot to make branded dropshipping video ads.

This is the good old traditional way of creating ads! In this case, you can have your supplier deliver a sample product to you! 

You could take professional product photos with a camera or a phone with good camera quality. Alternatively, you could hire the services of a professional photographer.

The goal here is to take top notch quality photos shot for your products and insert your brand theme to it.

Other than the typical product photo with a white background which you can upload in your product listing, lifestyle photos are great and convert well!

You can include these lifestyle photos on your store’s home page, collections page and social media pages! 

Lifestyle photos help your brand connect emotionally and authentically with the customers.

An example of lifestyle photos is typically photos of people using your products in their everyday life! 

So, if you sell beachwear then it could be photos of people wearing your beachwears and hanging out on the beach!

You could make a dope video ad out of the product photos. You can do this yourself using a mobile app or get a professional video editor on Fiverr to create it!

Encourage user generated content and use as UGC video ads; 

This is the cheapest way of getting aesthetic dropshipping ads but works effectively if you already have an audience or a social media following.

If you have a social media following, you could organize a contest with a gift prompting contests to produce user generated content.

For example, they could create a video of themselves using your product to enter into the contest. 

You might find that some created very good videos and this kind of content with the permission of the creator, could be used as UGC ads.

User generated ads often come off as more authentic and helps your brand connect with its audience.

Other than social media contests, you can find other ways to encourage user generated content.

If you don’t have a social media following, you could reach out to micro influencers and send them a free product or an agreement payment to review your products.

Micro influencers are generally more affordable than established influencers, they could help in creating user generated content and even introduce your products to their audience.

3D explainer video ads

3D explainer ads are great if you want to run ads explaining your store services; i.e fast delivery, product collection and things like that!

I find that 3D video ads work for explainer videos that talk about “services” or ads that describes the features or brag about the awesomeness of a product!

They are different ways to create an explainer video. They include;

  1. An animated 3D or 2D ads; this involves the use of animated characters and background to produce an ad.
  2. Natural Spoke person’s explainer video ads; this involves using a real person for your explainer video, review video or any ads.
  3. Live action explainer videos; this involves using royalty free stock clips to create video ads.

Whether you are looking to create a Spoke person’s explainer video or 3D animated videos, you could always find freelancers to do the job on Fiverr.

Create or collaborate on your own dropshipping video ads;

You could order a sample product from your supplier and create video ads using a mobile app or video editing software if you are creative.

Alternatively you find a video editor on fiverr and collaborate on a product ad video. I have tried this before and it works like magic. Let me detail my experience below; 

I contacted a freelance video editor on fiverr and I wanted to create a video ad for a product. 

So, we collaborated! I ordered a sample product for myself and the video editor schooled me on what video angles I was to take while I demonstrated how to use the product.

It was purely a product demonstration video, I didn’t show my face in the video, lol and the video was taken with my iPhone camera.

The freelancer also schooled me on lightning to avoid the appearance of product shadows. We had most of the communication online because he was a continent away from me. 

Finally I sent him those video clips and he was able to create an amazing video ad out of it! 

I hope this article helps you create aesthetic dropshipping ads that’s unique to your store. Thanks for reading..

This tutorial is part of our free dropshipping course. You can check our dropshipping course outline here.

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