Dropshipping from A to Z; A free course (2022 updated)

In this dropshipping from A to Z free course, I want to share with you the road map to dropshipping. 

Everything I share comes from my experience as an e-commerce Entrepreneur!

I’m Vivian E the author of Vivibosslink dropshipping course, I’m not an expert, just someone who owns a striving e-commerce business and I’m documenting my passive income experiences and knowledge on vivibosslink.com!

This free dropshipping course is a crash course to bring you up to speed with what a Dropshipping business is and how you can start one and grow it successfully!

You can call this; the ultimate beginner’s guide, the blueprint, the roadmap, the best free dropshipping course online because those are the things I intend for it to be!

It contains all the basics that I think you should know before you start a dropshipping business.

Of course many little bits goes into running a successful e-commerce or dropshipping business, like legal structuring, understanding international taxes, scaling etc

Not to worry, I will leave you with links pointing to other Articles which goes more in-depth on those bits. So that is worth checking out at the end of this guide.

More so, I occasionally interview other e-commerce Entrepreneurs from around the world on my podcast show (you can see a link to my podcast on the footer).

Its actually interesting to listen to other entrepreneurs from around the world and learn from real people having real experiences on their own e-commerce and passive income journey!

Best part, I have a Free Invite Only Dropshipping mentorship program where I walk selected mentees hand in hand through starting and growing their own e-commerce business.

I do this via one on one telegram support, weekly video calls and screen sharing with my mentees.

To take part in my mentorship program, you’ll have to apply for it! Although there is no guarantee you’ll be selected as I can only accept to mentor a few persons at a time!

Nevertheless, I encourage you to apply to stand a chance to be part of my Free Dropshipping mentorship program!

Enough said, lets get right into this Dropshipping Course;

5 actionable steps to start your own dropshipping business today!

Product Research;

Product research is not just looking for a product alone, its about the overhaul idea of how you want to position your business that begins to give a calculated clue of what product to sell to fit what your goals are for the business.

So, alot of things give you this clues for example; Is this even a product you like or have interest in? Do you understand the audience for that product?

Have you tried to ask people who you know fit into the right audience for that product about their thoughts on the product?

What’s the profit margin of the product? Are you motivated to put in the work or resource it takes to sell one unit of that product to earn that profit margin?

Does that product have a good buyer impulse? Is that product ever green and can it withstand the test of time? or is it a trendy product that will quickly phase out?

What do you think the return rate of the product will look like and can you deal with it? Is it a breakable product that requires care during shipping? and how can you guarantee that care?

Is it quality product, how can you guarantee its quality?

In the future do you intend to retail the product on Amazon? If so what is the return policy for retailing that type of product on Amazon, are you okay with it?

Is the product unique? can you differentiate it and offer a better experience for your customers?

Does the product require any legal licenses to retail?

Is the product competitive, can you invest the time and resources to market the product and carve a customer base for yourself?

Is the future gains of that product worth the Entrepreneurial journey for you?

When you’ve asked yourself this type of questions; the answer to this questions, will start to give you a clue as to what product you want to sell and why.

So that if ever the excitement of starting a new e-commerce business slows down (because most times it does) and you’re on a plateau waiting for the first sale and the business to take off, you’ll be able to stick it out longer if you understand why you chose to sell that product beyond cashing out fast!

The point is actually care about the product because it helps you want to improve on it and look for ways that offer people a good experience.

It will also give you the urge to want to build a brand presence around that product!

Also like magic people can tell when you care about a product, it’s almost like they can sniff out the genuineness in your brand, lol (but true)

The Research help you become patient when the adrenalin that comes with starting a new business slows down.

It helps you think more independently and uniquely, become more critical of your data (which is gold by the way) and patiently figure things out along your e-commerce journey!

And this is the mindset, this is something you really need to understand, starting a dropshipping or e-commerce business is a journey and not a get rich quick scheme!

You might find that you have a few product ideas, In this case, I recommend organically promoting your product ideas on social media and see which products gets the most engagement.

Reviewing those engagements will help you become more analytical and make well thought out product decisions!

I find that platforms like Reddit, Pinterest and Tiktok are faster in allowing new posts reach an audience than social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! (that’s just my own personnel experience).

Also try not to spam, employ sense (lol but seriously employ sense!) and be strategic with how you go about content marketing.

People don’t like spam and people don’t like ads, so try to make your content marketing appear more organic and less spammy!

Finding a Supplier;

There different suppliers you can use but for faster shipping times, I recommend using a supplier that is based in the same country as your target audience.

Here is a list of Dropshipping suppliers that are based in the EU, UK and North America.

It’s important to note that some of this suppliers have high grade products, offer fast shipping but there are typically more pricey compared to AliExpress and other Chinese suppliers. so that’s something to Consider.

Alternatively, another way to get fast shipping time is by using a private dropshipping supplier, who has connection to faster Chinese shipping.

Those faster Chinese shipping lines will cost higher than the typical Aliexpress shipping. so thats another thing to consider as well.

You can find private Chinese suppliers on CjDroppshipping, Reddit and Facebook groups.

I highly recommend being critical and even paying only via a trusted payment escrow like Paypal to be able to request a refund from the Escrow company if anything goes wrong!

Another way to get faster shipping times will be to make bulk orders for a low cost from Aliexpress and then ship the product to your home (if you have space and live in the same country as your target audience).

You can then ship the product to your customers from your home.

Warning: I strongly recommend getting a few samples to vet the quality of a product before making any bulk orders.

You can also use a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Company like Shipbob to get faster shipping times.(they have warehouses in the EU, UK and North America.

In this case, order high grade low priced product on Aliexpress in bulk and ship to the 3PL.

When you get an order, the 3PL packages and ships it out for you!

Getting promotional content

I am a big fan of User Generated contents! like I said earlier, people don’t like watching ads!

If you order samples of the product which you want to dropship, you can use that samples in taking pictures and videos which takes the form of a user just enjoying using your product!

You can use an iphone camera to take the pictures and videos of you or even your friend or sibling using your product!

This saves you cost and gives you local user generated content.

Don’t be shy to be creative when taking pictures of your products because you get as many nice photo and video contents, you’ll need them to build your site, post on your social media pages, to run ads and more!

Another way to generate content will be to use services like Adsellr which is pricey but they are quite good with UGC content.

So if you don’t want to be an influencer for your product or don’t know anyone who can play the part, Adseller has actors who create UGC type of Ads.

You can also generate content by sending the product to a social media influencer to produce content with it.

You get to benefit from the content they create and their social media presence but this may cost you a hole in your pocket. lol

You can also trying purchasing Ads gigs on Fiverr. Although Fiverr Ads gigs are considerably affordable, I’m not a big fan of it as most of the ads look similar but you can find a good creator if you check through many Ads gig listings.

You can think of other ways to get content, like asking your supplier to take pictures and videos of the product. That’s an easy way when you’re just starting and testing things!

I’m sure there are tons of other ways, just be creative and unique and remember that contain is king!

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, ask yourself if I saw that content will I feel the need to purchase that product?

Personally, I think the best way is and I really recommend ordering a sample of the product and shooting the photos and videos yourself!

There are many video editing apps you can use! I recommend Canva for editing photos!

Building e-commerce website

The two most popular platforms for building a Dropshipping website are;

  1. Shopify; this is the most popular, most recommended, fast loading, easy to use and beginner friendly platform!

Shopify has a free 14 days trial, after that there is a monthly subscription fee starting at $29 per month!

We have a beginner friendly tutorial here on how to create an e-commerce website on Shopify!

2. Woocommerce; this is another popular platform for creating an e-commerce website!

It is cheaper than Shopify and more customizable! You also own your source code! However its not as easy to learn compared to Shopify!

You’ll need time and skills to be able to build a decent e-commerce website on woocommerce!

I want to keep this course as beginner friendly as possible and assume that the average person reading this course have never built an e-commerce website in their life.

So, I will show you how to build a website on woocommerce that is identical to here in less than 1 hour using woocommerce + Hostinger hosting + our woocommerce template.

About the cost you’ll only need Hostinger subscription which starts at $1.99 a month but I do recommend getting their business subscription for $191.52 for 4 years hosting!

Meaning you get all their business features, you can host countless websites and will only need to renew after 4 years.

Our Easy woocommerce template will help you set up a website that is simmillar to javanche.com really quickly even if you have never built a website before!

The template cost only $10 and you’ll get free video tutorial and free support from our team to guide to building your woocommerce website and editing it to fit the look and feel of your brand.

Its pretty much DIY (Do it Yourself) but you’ll be well guided.

For more information on this, please see our Template page over here.

Alternatively, if you will like to learn how to generally build a woocommerce website without using our woocommerce template, then see this tutorial!


Marketing involves promoting your product via paid ads on social media, by influencer marketing or other form of campaigns.

Analyzing your own data (which is your Gold), see what is working and what isn’t working and critically evaluating, adjusting and tweaking your strategies to drive and optimize sales!

For some people this can be a long waiting and patience game while for other the sales begin to tickle in almost immediately.

Once you understand what you are doing, it can be a great learning curve and can be worth sticking it out, figuring things out and growing your store to success.

Mostly when you give up easily and jump from start up to start up, you will still get to this point, so what? Do you want to keep running?

Many people have stuck it out and eventually became successful while some gave up.

On my podcast show I enjoy chit chatting with Entrepreneurs of every kind and there is a lot to learn from each story. The struggles and successes alike!

For motivation take a sneak peep on how much highly successful Dropshipping businesses are being sold on Empire Flipper Today!

While this 5 actionable steps is just enough summary information to get you up to speed with starting your own e-commerce business, nevertheless, If you would love a more in-depth course and tutorials, say no more! The following links points to several articles where I have detailed each subject matter.

There you go guys, dropshipping from A-z, an in-depth road map; 

Getting started 


Product research 

Finding suppliers 

Product pricing

Building an ecommerce website




What does this Dropshipping course cover?

It covers the A to Z of dropshipping from understanding dropshipping, researching a product, testing a product, building and optimizing a website, omnichannel marketing, the legal aspects of dropshipping, running ads, scaling a dropshipping store to an ecommerce brand and much more!

How much does this course cost?

The course is completely free.

How do I contact the course instructors if I have any questions?

You can contact the course instructors on the comment section of each course tutorial or via the live chat on our website.

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