Should I tell customers my products are shipped from China?

This is a burning question in the minds of most dropshippers that sell products from China to the UK, Europe and North America.

If you ship products from China, then lying to your customers can create a distrust in your brand, especially when you can’t explain the lengthy shipping time.

Most products that Ship from China, takes 25-30 to deliver to the US.  You can read article to see our suggestions of how to fasten your shipping times.

In our experience, some customers are able to tell that the product is from China when it takes too long to deliver.

Little things like the shipping label, tracking number, address inconsistencies and search for the product on Aliexpress could sometimes give out clues to your customer that a product was in fact shipped from China.

Situations like this could have you dealing with an angry customer, it could lead to bad reviews left on your store, distrust for your brand and this could affect the SEO ranking of your website or a closure of your seller account assuming you were dropshipping on a marketplace platform.

On the other hand, being truthful to your customers will have the customers who still want to purchase from your store to buy from you and those who don’t want products that are shipped from China can check elsewhere.

In this case you’d build trust for your brand amongst your customers and when customers are happy! They spread the word and advocate for your brand.

Now, how you present the truth matters. Try to couch your statement in a pleasant way.

For example, you could say “We have a manufacturing partner in China and an efficient logistics team, so we confidently deliver products in 7-12 days to our customers in EU and North America”.

You can include this statement in your store’s “about page”.

Nevertheless, you should still strive to offer your customers a faster shipping time. 

Being truthful about where your product is shipping from will help, in any case if a product doesn’t arrive on time as expected, or the shipping label gives a Chinese address or the tracking info tracks shipping from China or they are able to find the product on Aliexpress. This situation won’t be surprising to your customers.

A quick survey of products available on Amazon will show you that a good number of Amazon listed products can be found on Aliexpress yet people still purchase products on Amazon including people who already know about Aliexpress.

This is because they trust the quality of Amazon’s service. 

So, instead of lying about where your products ship from, be truthful and work on the quality of your service.

Try to give your customers faster delivery, a quality product, a clear refund and return policy etc

I hope you find this answer helpful, if you have any more questions, please leave a comment..

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