I am Vivian, I hold a degree in Law. I also own a dropshipping business and love to write about ethical dropshipping.

I’d tell you my story in hopes that you’d get to know me a tad bit but most importantly, that you’d understand the intention behind this blog and maybe I could get to know you too.

I used to be broke. I’m not trying to buy your pity and if you ask me if dropshipping has now made me rich? My answer is “NO” I’m still not rich today, at least not YET. 

So, “why should you care about whatever I write here?”

Well, I have been able to earn regular 4 figures per month by dropshipping, although I have made reasonable progress, I do not consider myself to be rich yet…

You know what if I were rich, I’d shut down my laptop, I’d be in Cuba right now, on a beach, on the dopest yacht, sipping Piña colada and OH my, I mean this!

I’m really just an ordinary person, determined and at the point in my life, where I’m just trying to get rich, where I’m learning, experimenting and experiencing.

So, I created this blog to document my journey, be honest, laugh about my mistakes and just be me in whole. 

For now, I’m trying out dropshipping and I am writing about my experiences. 

Hopefully one day, my kids will get to read this and I wish they’d get inspired knowing that I wasn’t perfect, knowing that I tried and maybe they’d learn that my hustle was worth it.

I believe so because comparing when I first got started to where I am today, I can say I have been successful, thanks to never giving up even when all I wanted to do was give up..

I’ll let you in on one open secret. 

Dropshipping is not the only way I make money online. I do enjoy documenting my experiences here but I must let you know that I also make money from this blog.

How? Well, with display ads and affiliate links. Hey, no worries, the information I share is freely accessible. 

Just so you know, I don’t sell courses and I don’t sell ebooks. I do have a FREE A-z dropshipping course, where I have detailed everything I think you should know before starting or scaling a dropshipping business.

As a dropshipper, I definitely make use of some softwares and in my articles, wherever relevant, I recommend apps and plugins that I have used and love! 

If you want the softwares for your own dropshipping business and you click on my referral link and purchase it, then the company pays me an affiliate commission.

However, any commissions paid to me have no extra cost on you.

Speaking about cost, sometimes you even get this softwares for less the actual price if you’re getting them from my affiliate links and any coupon codes I may have. Not to worry, I always mention it wherever I have a coupon code.

There is something else you need to know, maintaining a blog (like this one) has cost implications, so I support its maintenance from whatever I earn.

On days that I don’t make any money from the blog, I still maintain the website from my pockets. Why not- I already enjoy having my own space on the internet where I get to share my thoughts and document my own experiences.

Finally, I love interactions and I have a crazy idea about that! If you read my blog post and comment on it… hmm.. well, I can only hope we become friends.

And maybe one day, we would both be rich, we’d both be in Cuba, on the dopest Yacht, sipping Piña Colada.

Hey, do you mind if we connect on discord?