Facebook ads account disabled what to do?

You require a Facebook ad account to run ads on Facebook. Your Facebook pixel is connected to a Facebook ad account but what happens if your Facebook ad account gets suspended?

Do you lose all your data which has been stored on your Facebook Pixel? Can you recover your suspended Facebook ad account back? This is what we shall be discussing in this Article.

Frankly speaking, I have had my Facebook ad account suspended in the past. I’m going to keep this Article short and  real as to how I was able to move on from that situation, what worked and what didn’t work!

In my case, I was using a bot to automatically post new contents on my Facebook page since I didn’t want to do that manually.

I suspect that to be the primary reason why my Facebook ad account got suspended in the First place.

I wanted to run ads and noticed that I couldn’t run ads anymore. I also saw this warning flag on my Facebook page.

I clicked on that and got redirected to my Facebook ad manager. I wish I hadn’t done that as soon as I did cause what then happened was that the timer began to tick.

Facebook notice was that I had 30 days from that time to upload my Government issued ID Card because Facebook was suspending my Ad account because they couldn’t confirm that I was a real person.

At that time, the surname on my Facebook Account did not match the Surname on my Government issued Id due to a Change of name I had done recently.

To better understand my situation, my Facebook page had my current Name but I still had my old ID Card bearing my former name and I was only in the process of updating that which will take me more than 30 days to get a new ID.

Since the First and middle name was a match, I decided to upload my ID and voila, Facebook permanently suspended my account after a few days. Saying that they could not verify that I was a real person.

I have had that Facebook account for over 10 years, I had consistently ran ads on that account and had lots of data stored on my Facebook pixel so that really hurt my advertising efforts and earnings from my ecommerce store.

What happens when Facebook suspends your ad account

Usually when Facebook suspends your ad Account, they also restrict your ability to do the following;

  1. You can’t use or manage ad accounts
  2. Can’t create or run ads
  3. Can’t manage advertising assets or people for business
  4. Your personal ad account will be disabled
  5. Your audiences will be disabled
  6. Your pages will be flagged and prevented from running ads,

I tried to recover my Facebook ad Account

Although my Facebook ad  account was suspended, my Facebook profile and page worked fine, I just couldn’t run ads.

I did a little bit of research and read that some people found success in recovering their Facebook ad account by contacting Facebook support through their Facebook business manager Account.

Of course, I tried to contact Facebook support but I was not successful, I just couldn’t reach Facebook support, I read that the ability to contact Facebook support was only available to people in the US.

I can’t confirm that because I’m not in the US but I wasn’t able to contact Facebook support.

I tried using a VPN set to a US IP address and yet I couldn’t contact Facebook support.

I tried using the Facebook “Report a Problem” message box by going to my Facebook Account /settings/Report a problem and I still didn’t get any response from Facebook.

I had a second Facebook account which I created years ago but I rarely ever used.

I remembered the email address and the password and when I logged into, I was happy to see that it was still working.

I created a new Facebook page and ad account on it and everything worked fine.

My next concern was how to import the data from my suspended Facebook ad account to my new ad account!

PS: I think it would work if you just create a new Facebook ad account with a phone number and email address that is different from the one used to create the Facebook profile connected to your suspended Facebook ad Account.

Another thing you can do (which I do not recommend) is assign the ownership of your Facebook page on the suspended ad Facebook Account to your new Facebook Profile or Business manager.

The reason I don’t recommend that is that when your Facebook Ad account is suspended, it usually also flags all associated Facebook pages and prevent them from running Ads.

So even if you changed ownership, you will still not be able to run ads and you could just be alerting Facebook bots to flag your new profile by claiming ownership of a Flagged Facebook page.

However, if you want to test assigning ownership of the Facebook page in your suspended ad account to your new Facebook profile. Check out Facebook instruction on how to assign ownership of a Facebook business page!

How I tried to transfer data from my old Facebook pixel to my current Facebook pixel

You cannot change ownership of Facebook pixel but you can share Facebook pixel with other businesses Managers and those business Managers can then assign the Facebook pixel to ad Accounts within it. 

You can ”Assign Partner” in the selected pixel then enter the business Account ID you want to share the pixel with.

Go to your business manager dashboard, go to Business settings, click on Data sources, select the pixel you want to share, then enter the Facebook Business ID of the new Facebook page you want to share the Pixel data with.


If your Facebook ad Account is disabled, Facebook will usually give you an opportunity to verify your identity,

If your verification is rejected and your Facebook ad Account is permanently suspended, you can try to contact Facebook Support to appeal.

Alternatively, you can create a new Facebook Profile and business page and share the pixel data of your old Facebook page by “Assigning Partner” to your new Facebook page!

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