Are dropshipping courses worth it?

Honestly, this is why I think you shouldn’t buy any dropshipping course in 2021. I have tried a few paid courses when I first got started and boy, was it a waste of my precious time! Okay don’t get me wrong I learnt a few things but that wasn’t anything I couldn’t find from surfing the internet! It’s 2021 and dropshipping isn’t under the covers anymore! You can literally get all the information you want so why pay for it? 

Don’t pay for dropshipping courses because it’s mostly a compilation of basic dropshipping information that’s over-hyped and over-priced and can be found for free on blogs and forums! 

Why dropshipping is bad

Dropshipping is bad because to a good number of new dropshippers. Their reality does not meet their expectation! It becomes a bad investment and people give up frustrated and confused! 

Just make a quick google search on dropshpping and you’d find that some of the most search queries from google suggestions are just doubt-filled! People want to know “if they can still make money dropshipping “? They want to know if Dropshiping is over hyped? They want to know if it is worth it? The doubt is shooting off the roof!

You can confirm this by just browsing reddit and you will quickly get acquainted with terms such as “fake dropshipping gurus” gosh they h*te the “gurus” and most dropshipping software advertisers are beginning to write their headline in a way that bashes the gurus to get clicks and attention? Even the spammy self promoters on Facebook groups have joined the train! Now, nobody wants to be associated with the word “guru” , not even me, lol

The point is everyone is bashing the dropshipping gurus, but why? Why are people so angry with the gurus? The simple answer?

Over-priced, over-hyped-Drop Shipping courses that sell you a get rich quick lifestyle and aren’t very sincere about the hard work, the numbers and time investment it takes to be successful. 

It’s these kinds of paid dropshipping courses that have plagued the internet and produce students who jump into the dropshipping industry with an elephant seized expectation and an ant’s size perseverance for the work to be done! The results is that they quickly get discouraged because that’s just not what they expected!! They wanted the lifestyle and all those dreamy pitches that made them click the “buy now” button for one of those high ticket dollar dropshipping courses!

Now if this sounds like you, this was honestly me a year ago! And this rounds up the story of why the internet h*ates fake dropshipping gurus!

Is dropshipping course worth it

Personally I prefer learning by association such as joining an online niche forum or paying for a direct mentorship from a person who I believe can teach me the ropes. Having some sort of referencing materials is good and for that, I’ll go to the blogs and YouTube channels which are free! and this doesn’t mean a blog and a YouTube channel can’t have incorrect information. They can! And this is why learning by experience is the best bet!

There are people who sell and who write articles with the intention to really help out and yes make money where it’s worth the effort they put in! They aren’t trying to sell you lies, they aren’t trying to rip you off. However, regardless of how honest they may be, information can get out dated, mistakes do happen, and everyone’s business isn’t exactly the same!

Don’t act like a saint, the actual problem could be “you”! It could be that your website needs some fixes or that you aren’t just ready to figure things out or work you b*ts off to make sure that things work!

You see there will always be excuses but successful entrepreneurs don’t make no excuses! They choose not to give up in spite of the challenges!

Are Shopify drop shipping course worth it

Now let’s put my preferences aside for a minute and answer the simple question;

Are dropshipping courses worth it ?

It’s up to you. There is no guarantee that paid dropshipping course you purchase will be gold or junk until you’ve read all its content. So if you’ve accessed the offer and you think it might be good for you and you really don’t mind and aren’t struggling to pay the bucks for it, then you could try it!

If it ends up being superb content, your gain! Good for you mate! But if it ends up being junk, your hard luck, lol. Here is another alternative for you below;

Free dropshipping course and online community

An easy guess is that this blog has a free dropshipping course with a free online community for dropshippers!

I am not where I want to be yet, but I have made valuable progress since I first started dropshipping, made valuable mistakes and have learnt valuable lessons too! From my experience, I think there’s a lot of spammy information about dropshipping and this is why we created this platform and made it free- To share our experiences dropshipping and just hope it helps!

We are still a work in progress but we try to keep things real. So, you can join our free dropshipping community for some quality learning.

Another good place to get free dropshipping information is on reddit and just doing a quick google search, you’ll find about any answers you’re looking for!

Finally, let me say this; take every information you find with a pinch of salt, don’t be too hard on yourself or blame the gurus that much!

Remember, no excuses for failure, fall down seven times, get up 8 times. If they were excuses, the successful people in your niche would never have ever succeeded.

Good luck to you!

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