How to dropship fast delivery from China to the USA

Learning to dropship fast delivery to pivotal to a great customer experience. A good number of dropshippers source their products from China for delivery in the US. The downside is that most Chinese shipping lines take 20-30 days to ship to the US. This includes epacket and AliExpress standard shipping.

These methods are clearly not recommended for scaling your dropshipping store because of its slow shipping time obviously! There are also internationally shipping couriers like DHL and Fedex which can make shipping a lot faster but these logistics lines are very expensive and could skyrocket your overhead cost and leave you at a loss.

Ways to dropship fast delivery from China to the USA

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are 4 ways to dropship fast delivery from China to the USA

  1. Using a local supplier;

    This means using the service of a supplier that is based in your target market. For example; if you are dropshipping in the USA then use a supplier who is based in the USA. That way you get faster shipping times to your US customers. You can check out our list of Dropshipping suppliers in Europe, UK and North America.

  2. Private Chinese agents;

    Private Chinese dropshipping agents source products from their network of suppliers or manufacturers in China and ship them to the US and other countries using faster shipping lines. Some Private agents have warehouses in the US, EU or other countries and can ship from their abroad warehouse for faster delivery. CJdropshipping is a popular website for finding dropshipping suppliers and agents who can source products and ship faster. Their estimated delivery time to the US is 7-12 days.

  3. Third Party Logistics (3pl);

    3pls provides warehousing, repacking and delivery services. There are many 3pl logistics with warehouses across North America, Europe and the UK. For example; you can buy bulk products from China and send them to a US 3pl and they’d warehouse your products, repackage it (if agreed) and fulfill your customer’s orders from their warehouse. That’s the holy grail of dropshipping! They can even help you private label your products. With 3pls, you can get a shipping time of 1-3 days. I recommend Shibob 3PL.

  4. AliExpress suppliers with US warehouse and USPS shipping;

    using this method everything is still done via This is a type of Aliexpress shipping offered by some Aliexpress suppliers. It can be used with Oberlo. You can easily find sellers on Aliexpress that offer this feature by using the “filter” option on Aliexpress”. Filter/ship from the USA. The seller’s you see after applying the filter, check their shipping options and you will see that some of them have 7-13 days shipping from the USA warehouse. Contact those sellers on Aliexpress. Explain you want to Dropship products which are available to be shipped from the USA only. That way you get fast shipping times.

    We highly recommend ordering a sample product to test the delivery time because some suppliers may dishonestly affirm that they have a US warehouse whereas they actually ship from China.

This tutorial is part of our free dropshipping course. You can check our dropshipping course outline here.

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