Should I launch a new store during the holidays?

In my experience, the simple answer to this is that holidays are good for retargeting ads and not for cold audience ads! Although there are some exceptions and we’ll be discussing all of that in this article.

The holidays is usually a time when customers are looking to make purchases for themselves  and their loved ones. Moreover,competition is high amongst advertisers looking to sell their products to these customers.

During the Chrismass and Holidays, most shoppers do not want to be disappointed or receive their items late, so they ordinarily want to shop from a known or trusted store. 

The issue with starting a new Dropshipping store in the Christmas and Holidays season is that marketing expenses will be higher due to the holidays and you have to work harder at gaining the trust of potential customers.

This is why I think the holidays are good for retargeting ads and not for running cold audience ads. 

For example, if you have a dropshipping store before the holidays, you get the time to run ads at its average cost, gradually optimize your store, gain data, build up your pixel etc 

During the holidays, you can then run retargeting and Look alike audience ads to target persons who have previously interacted with your store and other persons with similar audience behavior. 

When you run retargeting ads during the holidays, even though you still face high competition and marketing spends, your ads will convert better. Is it worthwhile compared to when you’re running cold audience ads.

Cold audience ads means running ads for the first time to audiences who have not interacted with your store before.

Also, having an existing dropshipping store before the holidays then running retargeting ads during the holidays means that your store already has some traction, trust or authority. This helps your ads to convert better.

Of course, there is no one rule fit all in business, so it’s possible that starting a new dropshipping store during the holidays has worked for some Dropshippers and here some reasons it may work;

  • Having a compelling offer 
  • A great marketing budget 
  •  Being able to create immediate trust and authority for the store


From experience, I find it more effective to have an existing store before the holidays and run retargeting ads during the holiday compared to starting a new store during the holiday and running cold ads during the holiday.

Have you ever started a new Dropshipping store during the holidays (Chrismass, Halloween, Valentine) etc? Let’s hear about your experience in the comments..

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