3 most common reasons why your ads aren’t converting!

Most people have tons of questions as to why their dropshipping ads aren’t converting? While we can’t guarantee anyone that their ads must convert, we can point them in the right direction, so in this article we will go in depth and analyze the 5 most common reasons why your ads aren’t converting.

Lots of views and impressions but very little clicks; 

If you’re experiencing lots of views and impressions but very little clicks this indicates that your ads budget is spending right, however the content of your ads may not be interesting enough for the viewers to click through or you aren’t targeting the right audience or ad copy isn’t compelling. In digital marketing targeting the right audience is crucial.

Suggestions; please test your ads to see which ads get to the most engagements you can split it between different video ads, video and image 

ads, carousel ads and slides etc. you can also split tests between different contents and ads copies.

Doing marketing research is often helpful. It helps when you do your market research and understand your audience profile, your needs and your pain points to learn more about conducting marketing research for drop shipping businesses. Please check out this article.

Lots of clicks, almost no ATC, zero sales

A good number dropshippers experience a lot of clicks but little add to carts and zero sales. 

This can be a serious pain to any  dropshipper. Why does this happen? Why is it that your ads aren’t converting? Why is it that after spending so much on ads you get lots of clicks, little add to cart and zero sale. Here are some helpful suggestions if you are experiencing this with your dropshipping store.


The most common reason for having lots of clicks, very few ATC’s and no seals, is that the website or app design is not optimized for conversions. This could be that the website doesn’t come off as a trustworthy site and so potential customers may be reluctant about completing their purchases.

 It’s advisable to look through the website and ensure that there are trust elements, for  example; the trust pilot badge. Ensure that the website is professionally designed and actually sells the products. If you want a free website review you can request that via the live chat button on our site.

Endeavor to check payment options sometimes when a potential customer is unable to make payment he abandons the cart. Ensure you have different payment options. It helps to have a trusted and reputable payment option such as Paypal.

One very important step to take is to make a test purchase on your site and verify that everything works as it should. This is to confirm that your customers aren’t experiencing any problems when they try to complete a purchase.

Lots of add to cart but very few sale 

If you have lots of add to cart and very few sales on your dropshipping store, you should try the following suggestions.


Ensure you don’t have expensive hidden shipping fees or other fees that show up on the check out page. You can try to offer ‘free shipping’ or show the shipping fee on the product page and ensure that your shipping fees are affordable.

You should also ensure that you don’t have a very lengthy shipping duration that shows up for the first time on the check out page. Try offering fast shipping time. You can check out this article to learn about how you get shipping times for your dropshipping store.

Ensure that you don’t have any concerning terms and conditions that show up on the check out page, you can highlight any notices on the product page so that your customer is well aware of it before they proceed to check out. 

Ensure that your checkout process is seamless.  There aren’t too many annoying pop ups and distractions, you can upsell but the upwelling shouldn’t be too distracting or disrupt the check out flow.

Try to make a test order and verify that your checkout process works as it should! This is to confirm that your customer isn’t experiencing any issues when trying to complete a purchase.

Ensure you have different payment options to help you Trusted and reputable payment gateway such as Paypal if you’re in a country where paypal is enabled.

You can also analyze your traffic by using tools such as google analytics to see what your traffic source is; are there “bot traffic”? If you have mainly bot traffic that could be a reason why you have ATCs and no sales because the traffic aren’t real humans.

There are good bots such as “google bot” which searches the web and indexes content. There are also bad bots which spam websites and cause other issues. Depending on what platform you use in building your ecommerce site, there are many plugins and apps which you can use to block bad bots. 

You can also black list known bad bots IP addresses on the server level. You can contact your hosting company, they would usually be able to help out.


The common reasons for low conversion rate with dropshipping stores have been analyzed in this article with suggested solutions. I you have any contribution or think we missed out on an important point, please let us know in the comments..

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