How to target any country on tiktok (Beat tiktok geolocation restriction!)

I was outside the United State when I tried to create tiktok ads targeting the USA and guess what? No it didn’t work! My tiktok ad account got suspended at once!

Then I recalled that when I tried to prompt a product organically on tiktok! it did not reach the audience I wanted to reach! I definitely noticed that there was this geolocation restriction that tiktok had put in place! I also couldn’t view the content of influencers in other countries that I wanted. Everything was limited to where I was located at that moment! 

How do I beat the Tiktok geolocation restriction? well that’s what this Article is all about, your ability to pick and choose which country you want to advertise to and influence on Tiktok! Let’s dive right into it!

Okay, so my first guess was to use a VPN, definitely get a virtual phone number online from the US but nope that didn’t work! like some FBI tiktok continued to detect my location even before I logged in to an account or created a new one, tiktok was already showing me content from around me!

So VPN didn’t help, Virtual phone number didn’t help! So what ? then the light bulb flashed in my head, what if Tik Tok just figured out my location from the Sim card on my phone! Well that’s a possibility, so to test this out. I actually ordered a Phone box USA sim card and it was shipped for free.

Let me mention that you can order a Sim Card from Amazon. On Amazon, there are listings of Sim Cards from different countries. Some shop worldwide and some vendors have limitations on where they can ship to.

I choose to buy the Sim Card from Phone Box Because their support was great, they ship worldwide for free, their subscription plans and cost of Sim card was less than $20, they accepted payment via Paypal, I could renew my subscription online or use wi-fi. Well, but the Sim card and with free international shipping, it took about 20 days for me to receive the Sim Card

I put it on my phone and viola! I used a VPN as well and I was beginning to see lots of content from the US,. I created a new tiktok account and I was able to create content influencing the US and run ads targeting the US.

To beat Paypal geolocation restrictions, Amazon Pay geolocation restrictions and a whole lot of other geolocation restrictions, read this Article!

I hope this Article helped if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or ask us via the live chat.

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