Pinterest tag not working, how to fix it

I have not had issues with Pinterest tag or joining the Pinterest verified Merchant  for my established websites but I started a new e-commerce site built up a Pinterest following of 11 followers and 1.4k monthly views! I decided to Join the Pinterest merchant verification website. At first it went then I started getting this emails from Pinterest that my Pinterest tag was in bad health and that I needed to fix it up to complete my Pinterest Merchant Verification.

Fast forward, I found the solution to fixing a Pinterest tag not working or a Pinterest tag in bad health and that’s what I’ll be sharing in this Article.

Let me point that for the website I use woocommerce and I used Woocommerce for Pinterest plugin to automatically set up my Pinterest tag and Catalogue for both my new site where the Pinterest tag was failing and my established sites where the pinterest tag was working perfectly. So what went wrong ??

The problem was simply that the pinterest tag was not firing all events, specifically the “add to cart” and “check out” event; this was the reason why my Pinterest tag was in bad health. 

For my established websites “add to cart” and “checkout” were consistent so there were no issues with the tag health but for my newer website because there were hardly any “add to cart” or “check out”, I kept getting these Pinterest emails informing me that my tag was in bad health. I guess that Pinterest that as a Verified merchant, you already have to consistent activity on your website including “add to cart” and “check out”

To validate that this was the issue, I simply logged into my Pinterest ad account >ads >  conversion > test tag. I then entered my website url, visited my website and checked out. I actually created a $0 product temporarily so I can check out for free. lol. Anyways after testing my Pinterest tag, within 24 hours my tag health was good again! After a week, my Pinterest tag health went bad again as there were hardly any sales on the website within that couple of weeks.

A more lasting solution would be to wait until you have a website with at least a couple of sales a week before applying for the Pinterest Verified merchant Program.

If you want to know how to get approved for Pinterest Verified Merchant Program if you are in a unsupported country, check out this article!

I hope this article helped. If you have any questions please leave a comment or ask us via the live chat. 


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