How to join Pinterest verified merchant program from a non supported country 

If you are reading this article, my guess is that you already know why it’s important to be verified as a merchant on pinterest. Well, you get that verified merchant tick on your profile that builds trust with buyers and your products will get eligible to be displayed on the Pinterest shop page! Your product information on your website will sync with the product information on the Pinterest page. 

Pinterest Verified merchant program is limited to a few countries like Canada, USA, Australia, UK but what if you are from an unsupported country and you wish to join the Pinterest Verified merchant program, what do you do? That’s what this article is all about to show you step by step how to join the Pinterest Verified merchant program from an unsupported country!

  1. Ensure your Pinterest account is set to a supported country; to do this simply go to your Pinterest account > profile > setting. Go to public information and personal information and change your account country to one of the supported countries.
  1. Use a VPN; use a strong VPN like **Nord VPN** and to register for the Pinterest Verified merchant program. Ensure that you set your IP address to one of the supported countries. 
  1. Pass the verification check; to pass the verification check you need to install a Pinterest tag, set up a Pinterest catalog, and have a high quality website. if you have a woocommerce site, you can set up both Pinterest tag and catalog automatically with the woocommerce for pinterest plugin. if you have a Shopify website, bigcommerce website or others check out this Article to see how you can set up a Pinterest tag and catalog.

Pinterest requires that you have a high quality website with clear original photos (not stock photos). A return policy and shipping policy that can be easily found on the website. clear product description with no grammatical errors etc.

Once you pass this criteria, your Pinterest account will be approved to Join the Pinterest Merchant Verification Program.

Check out this Article to learn how to troubleshoot the Pinterest tag!

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