Dropshipping A-Z Course

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About Course

In this dropshipping from A to Z free course, I want to share with you the road map to dropshipping. 

First of all, I want to say that Dropshipping is only a fulfillment model while e-commerce is the Business model.

Dropshiping means you are fulfilling product through a third party while this saves you cost of keeping inventory, the Dropshipping fulfillment method does not guarantee you success or becoming an overnight millionaire.

It’s important to pay attention to the skills, the work, the consistency, the e-commerce business model and strategy. This is what sets successful stores apart from unsuccessful stores!

Look at it this way, if your e-commerce store is poorly designed, your product is low quality, your delivery times takes forever, you communicate poorly with your customers and your ads aren’t engaging. Your store most likely isn’t going to be successful, even if you fulfill orders from your own warehouse or you dropship the product.

Skills are very important and for e-commerce businesses, e-commerce skills are very important.

So, instead of promising you that you’ll be rich over night, this Dropshipping course takes a realistic approach, to teach you the skills that are necessary to start and grow a successful e-commerce Business while fulfilling orders by Dropshipping.

The skills thought in this course, for example; website designing, Logo and graphics designing, Video editing, PPC advertisement, Taxes etc. These are all income earning skills necessary to an e-commerce business, grow an existing e-commerce business, learn e-commerce skills and freelance services to e-commerce Businesses, Learn e-commerce skills to become more employable to e-commerce Companies or simply just learn e-commerce skills to pass a project in school or add to your skill set.

Whatever be the case, Vivibosslink Dropshipping course has easy to understand tutorials to help you acquire the skills needed to start and grow a successful e-commerce Business while saving Inventory cost and fulfilling orders by Dropshipping.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Product Research
  • Product Sourcing
  • e-commerce website design
  • Logo & graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Digital marketing
  • PPC Advertisement
  • Conversion optimization
  • US, EU & Canada Taxes
  • Legal structuring and compliance for e-commerce Businesses the US, EU and Canada

Course Content

Dropshipping Budget
This topic is about what a realistic budget is for starting a Dropshipping business!

  • What’s a realistic budget for dropshipping?

Product Research
How to research a marketable products for Dropshipping

How to find a Supplier and negotiate Faster shipping
Finding, negotiating and working suppliers

How to get product graphics, Logo photos and Video contents
Getting product photos and videos for your e-commerce store, social page and marketing

Organically testing your photos and video contents before paid launch
Getting performance insights on your creatives

Building an e-commerce website on Shopify!
Building a high converting e-commerce website as a beginner

Facebook marketing
Facebook advertising, tracking pixel and conversion!

Dropshipping; tax and legal compliance in the US, Canada and EU!
Learn about taxes applicable to e-commerce businesses selling in the EU, US or Canada!