Easy Woocommerce template


This easy WooCommerce store template will help you set up a fully designed store that looks identical to the store here.  (In less than one hour)!


The store contains;

  • All relevant pages are neatly designed including shop page, product page, home page, contact page, About us page etc with free themes and plugins
  • Free shipping policy template
  • Free return policy template
  • Free privacy policy template
  • Beginner friendly Video tutorial on setting up an ecommerce website with this template
  • Free woocommrce setup support from vivibosslink

This woocommerce store template is a quick way to set up an e-commerce store and easily edit it to have the look and feel of your brand!

You can also use this template to speed up your learning curve of building and editing ecommerce websites on woocommerce!

  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal


Our Easy woocommece template makes it easy to create your own professional looking e-commerce store even if you have never created a website before and aren’t tech savvy. Our template is very beginner friendly plus we offer free support! Creating a website with our template is pretty much DIY (Do it yourself) but our team is always happy to guide you.

Both Beginners, intermediate and even professionals will find this template amazingly helpful.


If you’ve never created an e-commerce website before. All you’ll need is a hosting plan which cost varies starting from $0.99 per month and our template and you can build professional looking  e-commerce website yourself in less than one hour guided with the below 3 part video tutorial and free support from our team whenever you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.

3 part video tutorial for beginners


    1. Get a hosting plan and auto install WordPress; for an easier beginning, we recommend using Hostinger hosting. Their plan starts at $0.99/month but we recommend their business plan which starts at $3.99/month. You can save a huge cost (over 70% discount) if you subscribe for a longer period of 4 years. For example; you can get their business plan 4 years subscription for $191.52 and say bye bye to any renewals until after 4 years! 4 years gives you a long time to create your store and grow it to success, you can even host countless websites during your subscription without spending another penny on hosting! There is a lot more benefits like having a free domain, SSL certificate, unlimited subdomains, branded email addresses but I will leave it here.

Watch the first part of the tutorial;


  • 2. Request manual immigration of Template to WordPress site from Hostinger;

Once you’ve purchased our template, you then request a manual immigration of our template to your wordpress site from Hostinger. This is an easy thing to do as Hostinger will handle the immigration for you. The result is that assuming your WordPress site is vivibosslink.com, it will look identical to the site here

Watch the second part of the tutorial;


  • 3. Edict the template to have the look and feel of your brand;

    In this last step, all you need to do is edict the template to have the look and feel of your brand! You can replace our photos, videos, colours and texts with your brand identity.

    Again, this is easy to do and we will be showing you how to do that in the below video tutorial. Don’t forget, if you encounter any difficulties at all, you got our free support that’s happy to guide you!

Watch the third part of the tutorial;


Intermediate and Professionals

No doubts, intermediates and professionals will also find our template amazingly helpful! If you already use Hostinger Hosting, you can follow the video tutorials above but if you use another Hosting Company, then reach out to their support and ask if they provide manual immigration if not, you can upload our template yourself using either a relevant plugin, Filezilla or through the Hpanel or Cpanel of your hosting.