How to deal with returns when I’m based in a different country.

If you own an e-commerce dropshipping Business and sell products to a country where you aren’t based, you may be wondering how to deal with returns? Well in this article, we shall tips on how you can deal with returns as a Dropshipper.

Check the return policy of your Supplier

Go to your supplier’s website and read their return  policy or directly ask them for it.  Do they offer returns and refunds? Do they require any information from the customer to process the returns? For example a photo to prove that the product was damaged? Will the supplier pick up the item for returns or will the customer need to ship the item back? Who pays for the shipping and to where? How many days after the delivery of the product can the customer request a return?

Take note of your Supplier’s return address

Its important to take note of your Supplier’s return address.  Is your supplier return address in the same country as your customers? Is your supplier return address in China? Sometimes you many not know wether to tell your customers that your product ship from China and even if it does ship from China, you may want to make returns more convenient for your customers by providing them with a return address in their country.

Decide on the return address for your dropshipping store.

You need to decide on what return address to give your customer.

Here are 3 ways you can choose a return address;

  • Use your supplier’s return address; 

If your supplier has a return address in your customer country, you can use your supplier’s return address. You may not want to include your supplier’s company name to the return address so as not to expose that you’re a dropshipping store or how source you products. In this case, you can use your supplier’s address without including your supplier’s company name. However, Its advisable to first communicate witth your supplier about this.

  • Use a virtual office address or rent a PO box address;

Yu can rent a PO box address or a virtual address for $50 per month in any country or area of your choice. Your customers can send thier returns to your virtual office address. Based on your instructions, the office assistant can process the product for reshipment .

  • Use your home address; 

You can use your home address to receive returns from your customers. If you are skeptical about publishing your home address on your website, you can word your return policy to include that if a customer needs to make a return, they will have to contact you for the ret address.

Write a return policy that is in sync with your supplier’s policy.

Using your supplier’s return policy as guide, write your own return policy to be in sync and publish it on your website.

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