How to create a “verifiable e-commerce profile” for entrepreneurs resident in limited countries 

If you’re a Dropshipper, E-commerce seller, Blogger, Affiliate marketer, Influencer, Freelancer, Fx-trader or other internet based business and you are resident in a country like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and most other third world  countries,  you would have noticed that online entrepreneurs in these countries are limited on most services.

For example Paypal, Stripe, Clickbank, Pinterest Verified Merchant Program, Amazon pay, Tiktok advertisement targeting the US and many more online services.

The limitations can be frustrating and hinder the progress of your online business. If you decide to use fake details to access those services, you’ll be unable to verify your identity and can get banned and if you use your real details you might be immediately disqualified from accessing the service. Also if any of the accounts you have with any or those services becomes temporarily suspended it will be difficult to verify your identity without breaking the Terms of Use of those services and therefor difficult restore your account.

The way to navigate around this problem securely and confidently is to create a “verifiable e-commerce profile” and in this article, I’ll walk you on how you can do this in order geolocation restriction of most service platforms like Paypal, ticktok, Clickbank, Sendwave etc

  1. Register or incorporate a business online in a Tier 1 country; 

    Business registered in a Tier 1 country mostly do not have any geolocation restrictions. Tier 1 countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Austrians and New Zealand.

    For example, you can register your online business in Canada as a non resident.

    Your Canada business document can be shipped to you anywhere in the world after registration or incorporation and you can opt for the documents to be emailed to you instantly.

    Canada has different provinces and they all have distinct laws that apply to registration and incorporation of business. You can read our Article that teaches step by step how to register a business in Canada as a non resident. 

    Most service platforms with geolocation restrictions like Paypal allows you to register an account either as an individual or as a business. Registering as a Canadian business will mean that your account won’t be restricted and if the account is ever gets restricted, you’ll be able to verify that you are a legitimate Canadian business and  restore your account.

    The cost of registering a Sole Proprietorship in Canada is about $100. (at the time of writing this Article).

  2. Get a sim card from a Tire 1 country;

    Most times when online services with geolocation restrictions likeTiktok and Paypal want to detect your location they use your Sim card provider to spot where you are located.

    They might do this automatically or ask you to verify your phone number.

    Getting a sim card from a Tier one country is really helpful in circumventing geolocation restrictions that services like Paypal or Tiktok may have in place.

    You can buy a US, Canada, UK, Australia or Newzealand sim card from Amazon.

    I do recommend buying a Sim Card directly from the service provider’s website. For example, there are different US sim cards such as T-mobile, Verizon, Phonebox etc. 

    You can easily purchase a Phone box Sim card that can be shipped to you anywhere in the world for free from the **PhoneBox** website. Although you’ll need to purchase an active subscription.  

    Once you receive your Phone Box Sim card, you can use a wi-fi and VPN, to browse with the Phone Sim card or you can use or you can purchase or renew a subscription from the Phone Box website.

    The cost of purchasing a **Phonebox** Sim Card from their website is $10;

    Subscription for data, call and text for 7 days is $9 (at the time of writing this Article).

    PhoneBox offers free worldwide shipping.

  3. Get a VPN;

    most online services with geolocation restrictions like Paypal, Stripe, Sendwave, Clickbank, Pinterest Verified Merchant Program, and Tiktok detects your location via your IP address, to change your IP address to a Tier 1 country, you need to use a VPN. 

    There are many free and premium VPN’s. I recommend using a Premium VPN like **Nord VPN** which is capable of changing your IP addresses on almost all service platforms without detection.

    You can also try using a free VPN’s like **windscribe** 

  4. Get a bank Account and Debit card issued by a bank in a Tier one country;

    You can get a bank account number from a Tier 1 country online through a service like Wise.

    On Wise website, you can apply and get a foreign bank account number and debit card and even link it to a Paypal account. You can learn more about **Linking a Wise Debit card to a Paypal account*** and how to withdraw Paypal money from a Restricted country.

    Most online services platforms with geolocation restrictions are able to detect your location through the Debit/Credit card which you use in making payments. They are able to trace what country the card was issued. Making payments via a Wise Debit card which is issued by a Tier 1 country means that your Debit card will not expose your actual location.

    Opening a Bank account and getting a Debit card on Wise cost around $30 (at the time of writing this article).

  5. Get a virtual phone number;

    this is optional if you already have a Sim card issued by a Tier 1 country.

    Nevertheless, Virtual phone numbers are great if you want to display a phone number publicly with Interactive Voice response (IVR).

    For example, when someone calls you, they hear something like “For sales press1, to speak with a customer care representative press two”.

    You can get a virtual phone number with IVR capabilities on Sonetel.

    Sites like Whatsapp and Paypal are able to detect Virtual phone numbers (VOIP) and block you from registering on their site with VOIP numbers. This is where Sim Cards are really helpful with Sim cards, you can pass most phone number verification checks. 

    A virtual phone number costs between $0-$2 per month. (at the time of writing this article).

  6. Get a virtual office address;

    Depending on what site (with Geolocation restriction) you are trying to navigate, it may be necessary to get a virtual office address.

    Some sites like “Google my business” and “Google Adsense” will actually send a postcard to your address.

    You will be required to receive the post card and enter the number on it to verify your address. 

    Generally in creating a “verifiable e-commerce profile” having a virtual office address in a Tier 1 country can be really helpful.

    You can purchase a virtual office address on Opus Virtual Office. You can pick which country and place you want your address and see what the actual office building looks like.

    More so, anyone can post you a mail to that address and the mail will be received on your behalf and forwarded to you.

    A virtual office address costs around $50 per month (at the time of writing this article).

In conclusion, creating a “verifiable e-commerce profile” is worth every bit of the investment when you’re operating an e-commerce or online business from a country that is limited on most service platforms.

Countries like Nigeria and Ghana are heavily limited from withdrawing money on Paypal and Stripe, doing Affiliate marketing on Clickbank , joining Pinterest Verified Merchant Program, Amazon pay, Tiktok advertisement targeting the US and many more online service platforms.

Update; Nigeria used to be limited on Amazon seller Central but in 2022 That restriction has been lifted and Nigerians can now sell products on Amazon.

You can check out this **Article on how to sell on Amazon from Nigeria**

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